The 研究与创新办公室 facilitates high-quality academic research through leading the development of research strategy and policy, ensuring compliance with research governance requirements, supporting researchers to access funding and form new collaborations, engaging with the development of research information systems and advising on the contracting process.

It oversees key strategic research partnerships with both public and private sector corporate clients to maximise their effectiveness and works with a range of stakeholders to identify and bring to fruition new research opportunities.

Our services are targeted in the following areas:


Our specialist 研究 Support Service helps researchers to:

  • Identify appropriate public sector funding opportunities (e.g. 研究 Council, European Commission, charities, government);
  • Match individual project ideas to funding sources;
  • Connect researchers with other researchers within the University and beyond;
  • Provide guidance on preparing grant and bid applications;
  • Support bid review and approval prior to submission for quality purposes.

Industrial research relationship development

The 研究与创新办公室's 业务 合作伙伴关系 Team co-ordinate internal management information on key corporate clients and support the development of academic-commercial relationships by:

  • Exploring of further research and funding opportunities;
  • Broadening of existing research projects;
  • Connecting researchers with other potential business partners;
  • Providing support for strategic industrial funding bids.


The 研究与创新办公室 hosts knowledgeable advisors who are able to identify appropriate public and private sector funding opportunities for researchers and businesses to work together, 为以下方面提供支持 知识转移伙伴关系 (KTPs) - from initial enquiry through to grant application and recruitment of KTP Associates - and facilitate knowledge exchange grants.


Our expert 卓越研究架构 (REF) Delivery Team provides researchers with advice and guidance on planning and delivering 克兰菲尔德’s REF 2020/21 submission, the consideration of research impact in proposed, 目前和已完成的研究, as well as helping researchers to evidence and track impact, and advising on writing impact case studies.

Intellectual property (IP) and commercialisation

Professional advice and guidance is available for both staff and students on:

  • IP and improving research opportunities;
  • 专利和知识产权保护;
  • Licensing deals/joint ventures/spin-outs;
  • Incubation services for newly established companies;
  • Funding opportunities for commercialisation.


Working closely with the Learning and Development Team and Human Resources, research and innovation staff provide help and training for researchers across a broad spectrum of activities, such as generating innovative research ideas, 寻找合适的资金, understanding what a quality bid looks like and improving bid writing skills, 利用研究的影响, 与不同的利益相关者合作.

研究 governance and the research student experience

The 研究与创新办公室 is responsible for a number of different policies and as such provide authoritative advice and guidance on matters relating to research integrity and governance (including University law and relevant Senate handbooks), the University’s online ethics approval systems, 治疗, and supporting improvements to the research student experience.

JDB电子 孵化中心 (CUBIC)

The 研究与创新办公室 manage the 孵化中心 working with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them develop their business.